Jerry Sheridan has a message for the great people of Maricopa County. He believes that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse is just as much a part of the Sheriff’s Office as the Sheriff himself. 

Jerry knows factually that the Posse saved the taxpayers millions of dollars every year by donating countless hours of their own time and resources. These valuable posse members responded and assisted with air patrols, deep water diving as well as functioning in a patrol capacity by assisting deputies with every kind of call you can think of from domestic violence calls, automobile accidents and in-progress home burglary calls just to name a few. 

The bottom line is that what the current Sheriff, Paul Penzone did to the MCSO Posse program is a disgrace. Jerry vows to reinstate the Posse to its fullest strength as quickly as possible. 

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Our Law Enforcement officers here in Maricopa County as well as across the country have a critically important role to help promote peace and harmony during these uncertain times.

With that said, we must never give in to our most important reason for existence, and that is to keep the great people in our communities and cities safe.

Unfortunately, law enforcement far and wide, is more worried about being politically correct or offending the criminal, than enforcing the laws and keeping you safe.

Please take a moment to listen to Jerry Sheridan speak to the issues of law enforcement and politically correctness.


Jerry Sheridan is a Constitutional Conservative Republican. He is running for Maricopa County Sheriff in 2024. Please find a little time to listen to Jerry as he speaks to many issues surrounding us here in Maricopa County.

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Elections are coming. Do your research. The facts you’ll find are black and white. Make sure to vote for a proven leader. Vote for Jerry Sheridan, because character matters !
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Jerry Sheridan discusses the poorly patrolled dangerous drug entry portals between Mexico and Maricopa county. Maricopa county needs a new sheriff in 2024. Remember to vote for Jerry Sheridan in 2024.

Want to know more about Jerry Sheridan ? The below video highlights many life points about Jerry. It speaks to his ethics and integrity. It speaks to his genuine care for the citizens in Maricopa county and it speaks to the love he has for the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office.

It is a little lengthy, but certainly worth watching to learn and understand more about the best man to elect as the Sheriff for Maricopa County in 2024.



Jerry’s qualifications to be the next sheriff in Maricopa County are more than solidified, backed by 38 years of dedicated service to the great citizens of Maricopa county. He’s ready to do it again. But, he needs your help and your vote in 2024. Please enjoy this short intro video. 

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A very heartfelt message from Jerry Sheridan to all Maricopa County Sheriff Office employees. This is a must hear. If you enjoy this message, please share it out to your friends and family.