focus on ending drug smuggling

As Sheriff, I will restore the aggressive drug interdiction team of detectives to the southern parts of Maricopa County. The influx of dangerous drugs like heroin and fentanyl has basically gone unchecked in the Vekol Valley since the current Sheriff, Paul Penzone disbanded the unit in early 2017. Reinstating this drug smuggling unit will be one of my top priorities.

help those who need it most

Children are our society’s most vulnerable. Protecting them from sexual predators, human trafficking, violence in schools and child abuse will be Priority One for the Sheridan administration.

As Sheriff, I will take the lead in pooling resources throughout the county to establish regional centers to help victims of sexual abuse.

rebuilding the department


Hundreds of deputies, detention officers and civilians have quit since the current sheriff took over in 2017. The Office is barely functioning. The MCSO is dangerously understaffed. As Sheriff, I’ll make it a priority to boost morale among the dedicated law enforcement professionals, pressure the County Board of Supervisors for additional funding to hire more personnel and be a champion for those who put their lives on the line every single day.

Right now, morale at the MCSO is at an all-time low. This is unacceptable. I dedicated my entire career at MCSO – 35 years as a supervisor, 20 years as an Executive Chief, 12 years running the jails, and 6 years as the Chief Deputy overseeing the entire Sheriff’s Office. I have proven experience of turning things around at that agency.

address mental illness

Reintroduce training for field deputies and detention intake staff to identify and deal with people who suffer from mental illness. The priority will be to divert them to mental health facilities whenever possible and, if they find themselves in jail, be able to provide them with the proper care.

rebuild tent city

Tent City, in some form, needs to be part of the overall inmate housing solution. It wasn’t just cost-effective; it was an effective deterrent for many first-time offenders. Countless tent-city residents vowed never to return and kept their promise. Reinstating “Tent City” will be another high priority of mine.

Going to the county jail should be humane, clean, and safe. However, inmates should not live a better life than those do on the outside.

stopping animal cruelty

Make Animal Cruelty crimes a priority once again with a dedicated team of specially trained detectives. Those who abuse animals should be arrested and prosecuted.


The Sheriff’s Posse is just as much a part of the Sheriff’s Office as the Sheriff himself. The Posse not only saved taxpayers millions of dollars every year by donating countless hours, but its members also worked alongside deputies in all facets of their duties. What the current Sheriff did to them is a disgrace. I will reinstate the Posse to its full strength.


Contract Towns that have law enforcement agreements with MCSO will once again receive the services they deserve under my leadership.

As your next Sheriff, I promise to give you a law enforcement organization you can be proud of. One that takes care of its own, and in turn, provides first-class law enforcement protection for our community. We must enforce existing laws. We must enforce the Rule of Law.