“Jerry Sheridan’s Platform”


One day on the campaign trail I was asked what my campaign platform was?  Well I wasn’t a politician, I was a cop, so I hadn’t really given any thought to that question. I spent time over the next several days trying to come up with something that was true to the mission but clear for the public to understand.  Then one day, as I got home late and was gazing up at the night sky, it came to me, and I’ve stuck with it ever since.  

 “I believe all people on this earth are my brothers and sisters but if someone hurts or preys on one of them, I will make sure my deputies hunt them down like a dirty dog and my detention officers will lock them up… all while conforming to the United States and Arizona Constitutions of course.”




  • Policing in America started as a community partnership.  With advances in technology through the decades, police in America have slowly gotten away from the community partnership intended and have taken on an “us versus them” attitude.  Policing is a noble profession.  MCSO is comprised of men and women who were called to serve their community with a desire to improve quality of life.  Now more than ever, MCSO needs to refocus on being a partner with the community to fight crime.

  • Make Animal Cruelty crimes a priority once again with a dedicated team of specially trained detectives.  There is no place in our county for those who abuse animals.
  • Restore the aggressive drug interdiction team of detectives to the southern parts of Maricopa County.  The influx of dangerous drugs like heroin and fentanyl has been basically unchecked in the Vekol Valley since current Sheriff Penzone disbanded the unit in early 2017.  This never should have happened and making this fix will be one of my top priorities.
  • The Sheriff’s Posse is just as much a part of the Sheriff’s Office as the Sheriff himself.  The Posse not only saved taxpayers millions of dollars every year by donating countless hours, its members worked alongside deputies in all facets of their duties.  What the current Sheriff did to them is a disgrace.  I will reinstate the Posse to its full strength.
  • Tent City, in some form, needs to be part of the overall inmate housing solution.  It wasn’t just cost effective, it was an effective deterrent for many first-time offenders.  Countless tent-city residents vowed never to return and kept their promise.
  • Going to the County Jail should be a no-frills affair.  It should be humane, clean, and safe, but that is it.  
  • Morale in law enforcement all across the country is not good due to public attitudes and weak-kneed administrators.  But at the MCSO it is suffering even more.  A complete lack of any leadership from the current Sheriff is having a corrosive effect on the department.  The time he has spent trying to learn on the job has proven devastating for the people of MCSO.  Hundreds of deputies, detention officers and civilians have quit since he took over in 2017.  The Office is barely functioning – if you know someone who works there just ask them and they will tell you about it.  What is needed is someone who has the proven experience I do.  38 years at MCSO, 35 years as a supervisor, 20 years as an Executive Chief twelve spent running the jails, and 6 as the Chief Deputy overseeing the entire Sheriff’s Office.
  • Contract Towns that have law enforcement agreements with MCSO will once again receive the services they deserve under my leadership.
  • I will get back in the classroom like I did as Chief Deputy, and help mentor new employees into my philosophy of how law enforcement should be done; fairly to all people… honestly… equally.
  • Law Enforcement is the priority and the main focus of the Sheriff’s resources.  I disagree with using scarce resources as bodyguards for a Sheriff who should be able to take care of his own safety.  If your Sheriff needs teams of bodyguards to protect him, why would the citizens of Maricopa County believe he can keep them safe?
  • The Sheriff is a duly elected official with Constitutional obligations, and you deserve a Sheriff who will uphold those obligations – defending your safety and your liberties with equal passion.
  • Pool resources in the East Valley to establish a Regional Center to help victims of sexual abuse and child sexual abuse. 
  • Reintroduce Training for field deputies and detention intake staff to identify and deal with people who suffer from mental illness.  The priority will be to divert them to mental health facilities whenever possible and, if they find themselves in jail, be able to provide them with the proper care.


What all this boils down to is the safety for you and your family.  That should be job one for your Sheriff.  Not pandering to special interest groups, getting media attention or being politically correct.  No.  Just a focus on enforcing the law fairly and equally, maintaining a well-run jail system, attending the courts, maintaining a Posse, conducting Search and Rescues, serving civil processes, assisting other sheriffs, and defending your liberties.  In short, the job the Arizona Constitution defines.